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Podiums and Lecterns Now Customizable! Next Generation and Patent Pending.

Customizable portable podiums.

 ProProducts™ Portable Podiums are different. Completely customizable, they are lightweight but sturdy, fold up into a package less than two inches thick, and have more features than any other portable podium on the market. The following is an overview of the features of ProProducts™ podiums, as compared to your average portable podium.


Our Lecterns and Podiums are Totally Foldable


Both of our professional flagship products, the ProPresenter™ (our portable podium), and our ProLectern™ (our portable lectern), are totally portable because they are remarkably foldable. Easily carried, fantastically brilliant, and simple to setup and tear down, our props have all the features of their competitors, plus half a dozen more!  They fold thin, down to 1.68" wide. They are easily transported wherever you go. Stow them in the trunk of your car, behind a door, under a coach or desk, or in the closet. Read More about our folding lecterns and podiums...

Lightweight Aluminum Structure in All Our Models

Large text above a photo of an airplane wing

Glass is heavy and breakable if dropped; acrylic is as heavy as glass; and pressboard is also heavy but susceptible to spills, wear, and aging features. Aluminum is light and durable. We use the same series of Aluminum alloys in our designs that you find in the Aerospace industry in order to give you the edge in portability through a light and durable structure. Read More about our lightweight lecterns and podiums...



Weatherized Standard Exterior Finish on Standard Offerings 

Large capitalized text above a photograph of the finish of our podiums and lecterns reads The premium finish on both our portable podium (the ProPodium™) and our portable lectern (the ProLectern™) results in easy cleanup for food and drink spills such as corrosive pop or staining juices, coffee, tonics, and water. It cleans up like a kitchen countertop and looks professional.

Pressboard will fake, peel, bubble up or warp. The finish on the ProPodium™ means your podium wont fade if left in your vehicle in the sun to bake. It is essentially sun and spill resistant. You could even dunk this podium in a lake without any permanent damage. Read More about our weatherized lecterns and podiums...


Built-in Cabinet on all ProLectern™ Models

Large text above a photo of a picture of our protable lectern's cabinet reads Use the built-in cabinet to store your belongings & avoid clutter.

Keep your personal articles such as briefcase, purse, hat, coat, or computer out of sight.

The cabinet allows you to store your personal items away from onlookers, making your speaking atmosphere and backdrop look and feel less cluttered. This gives you a feeling of being more prepared and gives your audience a more professional first impression of you. Use the cabinet to stow or temporarily hide any items you want to keep hidden from your audience until the proper point in your presentation. Read More about our lecterns with built-in cabinets...


Coffee Cup Holders with All Our Lecterns and Podiums

Large text above a photo of a picture of our protable lectern's cup holders Your coffee cup holders are an oft overlooked necessity.

Most speakers like to keep a pop can, bottled water, or coffee cup neaby. Perhaps you or your colleagues are currently placing your pop cans, coffee cups, or water bottles just about anywhere they will fit.

We've all seen drinks placed on the sides of podiums (hanging slightly over the edge, just begging for an opportunity to fall), held in the hands, and even placed on expensive equipment like projectors and laptops. Having your drink sitting out there in the open can be distracting. Speeches can get interrupted when the drink takes a dive, requiring someone (if not yourself) to scrub up the mess. Then you've lost your audience. Read More about our lecterns and podiums with built-in cupholders...


ProjectorBoost™ with All Our Lecterns and Podiums

Now you can get dual action out of your podiums and/or lecterns. With ProProducts™ ProjectorBoost™, flip up the top and you're ready to position a projector, camera, or display in no time. If you use the projector concurrently with your ProProps™, buy a standard model to quickly supplement your speech. Read More about ProjectorBoost™...


Large text above a photo of two pictures of our protable podiums's ProjectorBoost™



Note: ProjectorBoost™ comes standard with both the ProLectern™, our portable lectern, and the ProPresenter™, our portable tabletop podium.


Ambidextrous Handles on Our ProLectern™ Models

seal-gen-d-ambidextrous-handles.pngYou Can Use the Ambidextrous Handles on Our ProLecterns for Easier Carrying!

Some podiums that have attempted to be more portable have still lacked one essential ingredient for a convenient carry: handles! There's no alternatives, folks. You've just got to have them! Some podium designs actually have the user bridging the entire width of the podium to hold it from the bottom.

The handles are ambidextrously located on both sides, making it easier for lefties to carry it. This also saves a few seconds of time if the user does not want to waste a moment by turning the item around 180 degrees to get a better grip. Read More about our lecterns equipped with Ambidextrous Handles...


Made in the USA

seal-gen-c-american-manufactured-enlarged-sized.pngWe live and build in America. 

We care about the quality and effectiveness of our products. It is hardly news that imports tend to lack the one essential quality that matters after the 1st or 2nd use: quality. And that's where our podiums shine. We design podiums with high quality in mind, so that your use of our products is as bright and flawless as possible.

With American ingenuity, we have developed a product that we believe you'll love for years to come. Both the ProPodium™ and ProLectern™ are a single structure of interconnected surfaces, making it easy to fold and unfold. There are no "parts." The whole podium is one single, solid, interconnected folding structure. We expect you will be impressed when you see our products in action! Read more about why it matters that our products are Made in the USA...


Technology Friendly

seal-gen-d-projector-boost.pngProProps™ are technology friendly with wire media ports.

Both the ProPodium (our portable podium) and our ProLectern (our portable lectern) boast two media wire ports for your electronic equipment, be it projector(s), computer(s), microphone(s), or whatever your application might require!
We have all seen it. Speakers who have a computer on one side, a projector on the other, a podium in the center, wires everywhere (tripping hazards galore), and a few drinks sitting in precarious places waiting to "dive bomb" their expensive equipment. Cut through the wire mess with a few simple wire media ports. Read more about our technology friendly lecterns and podiums...


Customer Relationships & Feedback

We greatly value your personal feedback. We love to hear from our customers. We take your suggestions seriously and implement comprehensive modifications Send Feedback to all our products simultaneously in order to ensure that each successive generation of ProProducts™ exceeds your expectations!






Two Prolecterns™ standing side by side, one unfolded and the other folded.The ProLectern™ - Our portable lectern.

A better paradigm for public speakers.

It's all one piece, solid when deployed, and completely foldable. Convenient and trusty, the patent-pending ProLectern™ fits in the trunk of your car or behind the office door. Weatherized for outdoor use. Equipped with cup holders, a cabinet, wire media ports, and carry handles.

Features & Benefits:

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Two ProPresenters™ side by side, one unfolded and the other folded.The ProPresenter™ - Our tabletop podium.

A better paradigm for public speakers.

The convenient speaker's tabletop podium fits in your briefcase or beside your desk. It's all one piece and completely foldable. Nearly instant setup and folding provides a smooth transition into impromptu speeches. Face your audience directly and keep your notes conveniently at hand to convey a professional experience!

Features & Benefits:

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Prolectern™ Carry Bag.ProLectern™ Carry Bag

Carry your ProLectern with or without a carry bag! 

Our lightweight carrying bags are a good fit for almost anyone to be a mobile speaker! Both lightweight and sturdy, you have the liberty to mobilize quickly into normal, everyday travel. Total carry weight is around 25lbs. The ProLectern™ Carry Bag is around 2 lbs.

Features & Benefits:

  • Can be folded, easly stored, etc.
  • Lightweight at 2lbs
  • Weatherized
  • Built to last
  • Velcro open & close
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Customize Your Lecterns & Podiums for Maximum Effectiveness

Custom design your props for maximum effectiveness.

Receive a streamlined public speaking kit. You will never leave home without it! Custom build your own kit or contact sales for a quick consultation. We deeply value your input as to what sorts of features you would appreciate in your ProProps™. If you have a suggestion for our engineering team, please contact us at feedback@portablepodium.com.

Sample portable lecterns.