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For Governments & Agencies

Podiums and Lecterns Now Customizable! Next Generation and Patent Pending.

Portable Podium™ by ProProducts™ Military In-Field Sample

Government Equipping and Contracting

As a longstanding United States federal registered contractor, our facility and capabilities grant you the flexibility for totally custom designed podiums and lecterns in high or full house quantities. Call (888) 815-2438.

Having served America for over 25 years, Berrien Metal Products, Inc. has produced and served the military on multiple occasions. With fantastic phone service and fast quotes, we can accommodate your orders for any quantity of podiums built to last in the field.


For Federal & State orders, please see:

Tim Baylor, CSO
Chief Sales Officer
Phone: (888) 815-2438
Email: baylor.t@portablepodium.com
460 Post Rd.
Buchanan, MI 49107
Berrien Metal Products, Inc.
ProProducts™ Manufacturing Facility

Portable Podiums for Government Uses

Government agents and employees are constantly making speeches and presentations for a variety of reasons, such as tours of historic landmarks, political rallies & speeches, presenting research findings, homeland security presentations, the US military, including NAVY, Marines, Air Force, and other divisions. Also, a host of other responsibilities employ the use of portable podiums.

Political Rallies

Political candidates are often on the campaign trail. This involves keeping hectic schedules and speaking in facilities where they are unfamiliar with the available acoustics and lecterns until they arrive. Lightweight, foldable podiums fit compactly on planes, vans, and other vehicles. Easy portability eliminates the stress and hassle of worrying about having the right podium when government employees arrive at a destination or, worse yet, having a podium that does not have the needed amenities to make an effective presentation. Carry our podiums by ambidextrous hand holders or purchase one of our carry bags to make transporting them even easier.

When politicians speak they want to exude an air of trust and confidence to their audience and look capable of performing the job they want. Our portable lecterns can help improve a speaker's effectiveness by making him appear organized. The ProPresenter portable table top podium weighs under 9 pounds and our ProPresenter lectern is only 22 pounds. Our podiums also feature media ports and cup holders so government employees can easily accommodate computers, projectors and other props on their lectern that may help enhance their presentations. Convenient cup holders are perfectly positioned when a politician needs a moment of time to gather thoughts before tackling a tough to answer impromptu question, and they also prevent spills that can damage notes or documents.
Even countries that do not have elected officials need lecterns to address their citizens and employees. They want podiums that can be placed anywhere and will provide a place for their notes and media needs when they address small groups and crowds.


Military Forces

Employees and officers, including those from the Navy, Army, Air Force, and foreign military organizations, make presentations to honor members, motivate groups, recruit, and conduct internal and external briefings. Additionally, other government agencies, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), environmental agencies and members of the police force, make field investigations and often speak about impromptu findings. Sometimes presentations may be made outdoors where it is impractical to bring out a bulky podium or lectern that is heavy, breakable, or not suitable for outdoor elements or weather. The Navy has especial need of our folding podiums and lecterns because of the constraints at sea, such as lack of space.


Law Enforcement

Government prosecutors can also use our portable lecterns when they are interviewed about a recent ruling or case. Sometimes questions can be addressed right at the courthouse, so a portable podium can reduce stress and make an interview appear more professional by keeping documents and briefcases hidden.

Our foldable podiums are perfect for these jobs because they can be erected quickly and have a professional appearance. They are lightweight alloy aluminum that has been weatherized to handle an occasional spill or adverse weather without becoming damaged. Our portable lecterns have built-in cabinets that are perfect for storing periodically used papers and props, so they are always accessible yet protected from damage.

Government Teachers & Administrators

Teachers and administrators will also love the ProLectern upright model and table top ProPresenter podiums. They are ideal for workshops on and off-site, assemblies, graduations, meetings and even debates. When teachers and administrators address children they want a portable podium that is sturdy and stain resistant. The slender size of our podiums is appealing for schools because multiple podiums can easily be stacked or stored without using space needed for other supplies. They are inexpensive enough to purchase multiple podiums so one is available regardless of how many speakers need them.

Schools and other government agencies frequently use multipurpose areas for lecturing or overseeing activities. Our portable podiums have media ports that allow them to set up visual aids and microphones while keeping wires and other distractions out of the way. Keeping the attention of an audience can be challenging so a portable podium that helps set the tone for an orderly presentation can make a big difference in a speaker’s effectiveness.

Furthermore, our podiums can safely be used by children in a public school. Giving students the opportunity to use a portable tabletop podium or lectern helps make class presentations more polished or running for student offices easier. They can easily be moved within a classroom, so the presenter can show off his own visual aids or take advantage of props already displayed in the room.

Ready why we think every classroom in the United States could use a portable lectern.


Advantages of ProProducts™

Regardless of how our podiums are used for governmental purposes, they will not crack, chip, or have splinters. Our portable lecterns are 22 pounds and our tabletop podiums are less than 9 pounds, so they are easily movable yet tough enough to handle the wear and tear from being transported.

Our movable podiums can raise the bar of professionalism for any government speaking engagement. The ProPresenter table top and the ProLectern are easy to erect, and simple to transport and store. They have many features that help organize government presentations so speakers can spend energies focused on their oral delivery and audience. Our project boost feature allows adjustments so a projector can be set at exactly the right height, a built-in cabinet stores accessible props and media ports keep unsightly wires hidden. Governments can even customize our movable podiums with an agency's or political candidate’s name to make a memorable impact.

Browse our variety of reasonably priced portable podiums. Our podiums are lightweight enough to be shipped anywhere. We offer complimentary shipping throughout the United States, but international shipping is also available for a fee. Call for a quote, order today and watch our foldable podiums help your government organizations look efficient, strong and capable.

Two Prolecterns™ standing side by side, one unfolded and the other folded.The ProLectern™ - Our portable lectern.

A better paradigm for public speakers.

It's all one piece, solid when deployed, and completely foldable. Convenient and trusty, the patent-pending ProLectern™ fits in the trunk of your car or behind the office door. Weatherized for outdoor use. Equipped with cup holders, a cabinet, wire media ports, and carry handles.

Features & Benefits:

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Two ProPresenters™ side by side, one unfolded and the other folded.The ProPresenter™ - Our tabletop podium.

A better paradigm for public speakers.

The convenient speaker's tabletop podium fits in your briefcase or beside your desk. It's all one piece and completely foldable. Nearly instant setup and folding provides a smooth transition into impromptu speeches. Face your audience directly and keep your notes conveniently at hand to convey a professional experience!

Features & Benefits:

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Prolectern™ Carry Bag.ProLectern™ Carry Bag

Carry your ProLectern with or without a carry bag! 

Our lightweight carrying bags are a good fit for almost anyone to be a mobile speaker! Both lightweight and sturdy, you have the liberty to mobilize quickly into normal, everyday travel. Total carry weight is around 25lbs. The ProLectern™ Carry Bag is around 2 lbs.

Features & Benefits:

  • Can be folded, easly stored, etc.
  • Lightweight at 2lbs
  • Weatherized
  • Built to last
  • Velcro open & close
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Customize Your Lecterns & Podiums for Maximum Effectiveness

Custom design your props for maximum effectiveness.

Receive a streamlined public speaking kit. You will never leave home without it! Custom build your own kit or contact sales for a quick consultation. We deeply value your input as to what sorts of features you would appreciate in your ProProps™. If you have a suggestion for our engineering team, please contact us at feedback@portablepodium.com.

Sample portable lecterns.