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Podiums and Lecterns Now Customizable! Next Generation and Patent Pending.

seal-us-patents.pngPatent Pending for the Portable Podium™

The Portable Podium™ is patent pending as of March 1st, 2010. The product was in development for six months prior by ProProducts™ and is manufactured by Berrien Metal Products, Inc.

ProProducts™ Portable Podium™ has a completely new and ingenious design. When the podium is set up, it is very professional and functional. Even though the podium is completely collapsible and folds into a 1-1/2” carrying pan (its front), it always remains in one piece and can be moved with ease while the podium is set up without fear of collapse. The design is such that the top and bottom of the podium have side lips on them so that the sides are kept from swinging out past these lips and the shelf folds down so that the sides are kept from folding in while the podium is set up. Since the podium weighs less than 25 pounds, it can be carried easily while it is unfolded. While the podium is unfolded it can be used for storage. Below the shelf are two cabinet doors that can both be opened without fear of the shelf collapsing. When the doors are closed and latched they serve to make the entire podium rigid even though the podium is made out of Aluminum that is only 60 mils thick.
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     This invention provides a full size convenient folding portable podium which folds together as a single unit and thus requires no assembly or disassembly. The podium provides a front panel, side panels, a shelf, a bottom panel, and a top surface which may be slanted. The components of the podium are connected together with hinges so they may be folded together without disassembly. The podium, when folded together serves as its own flat rectangular case. 

When the podium is not being used you simply fold it up in such a way that the shelf folds flat against the inside of the front face, the cabinet doors fold against the podium sides, the podium sides fold inside the front so that the shelf and cabinet doors are covered by the podium sides. Then the top and bottom are folded over top of the recessed sides so that the entire podium is now only 1-1/2” thick. When folded, the podium can be stored behind any door, fit in most closets, or just be leaned against the wall out of the way. The podium can be set up or folded in less than thirty seconds. It is light weight (less than twenty five pounds) so that just about anyone can carry it, set it up, or fold it. While all of the parts are hinged, it is impossible to fold the podium incorrectly. Once the podium is folded it can be easily moved because handles are cut into the sides so that it can be carried like a briefcase. The mechanism by which the sides are attached to the top and bottom is Velcro so that it can be easily replaced if the Velcro wears out. Replacement Velcro can be purchased at www.PortablePodium.com.

While other finishes are available for special orders the primary finish on the podium is a durable powder coat paint that is called “hammer tone.”  The hammer tone surface has a visual variegation (dark and light spots mixed) as well as a texture variegation (slight dimples). These visual and textured variations help hide wear and scuffs that invariably happen with use.

Since the Portable Podium is made from lightweight and durable aluminum it can be cut easily with a metal-laser in the manufacturing process. This allows for custom designs, logos, and artwork to be cut into the front, sides, or doors of the podium.

The Portable Podium has media wire access ports so that a laptop computer, intercom system, or network hardware can be setup inside the podium on the shelf or down in the cabinet at the base of the podium. The media-wire ports allow for wires to pass from the sides near the bottom, up through the shelf, and out the top of the podium. Media wires can run through the ports in the bottom to connect the electronics in the podium to any intercom system available at the speaking venue. Microphones can be attached to the media ports in the top or you can set up a projector on top and run wires to your laptop on the shelf below for PowerPoint presentations, videos, slide shows, etc...

Thank you for your interest in the Portable Podium™. Please see http://www.uspto.gov/

Two Prolecterns™ standing side by side, one unfolded and the other folded.The ProLectern™ - Our portable lectern.

A better paradigm for public speakers.

It's all one piece, solid when deployed, and completely foldable. Convenient and trusty, the patent-pending ProLectern™ fits in the trunk of your car or behind the office door. Weatherized for outdoor use. Equipped with cup holders, a cabinet, wire media ports, and carry handles.

Features & Benefits:

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Two ProPresenters™ side by side, one unfolded and the other folded.The ProPresenter™ - Our tabletop podium.

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The convenient speaker's tabletop podium fits in your briefcase or beside your desk. It's all one piece and completely foldable. Nearly instant setup and folding provides a smooth transition into impromptu speeches. Face your audience directly and keep your notes conveniently at hand to convey a professional experience!

Features & Benefits:

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Prolectern™ Carry Bag.ProLectern™ Carry Bag

Carry your ProLectern with or without a carry bag! 

Our lightweight carrying bags are a good fit for almost anyone to be a mobile speaker! Both lightweight and sturdy, you have the liberty to mobilize quickly into normal, everyday travel. Total carry weight is around 25lbs. The ProLectern™ Carry Bag is around 2 lbs.

Features & Benefits:

  • Can be folded, easly stored, etc.
  • Lightweight at 2lbs
  • Weatherized
  • Built to last
  • Velcro open & close
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Customize Your Lecterns & Podiums for Maximum Effectiveness

Custom design your props for maximum effectiveness.

Receive a streamlined public speaking kit. You will never leave home without it! Custom build your own kit or contact sales for a quick consultation. We deeply value your input as to what sorts of features you would appreciate in your ProProps™. If you have a suggestion for our engineering team, please contact us at feedback@portablepodium.com.

Sample portable lecterns.