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First Impressions Vs Lasting Impressions

Podiums and Lecterns Now Customizable! Next Generation and Patent Pending.

No one disputes that an outstanding first impression is important. But a lasting impression can sometimes be more important. Whether a teacher, announcer, preacher, politician, or salesman, it's a lasting impression that takes home the cake. Long introductions, sweet talk, friendly smiles, warm handshakes, cologne, great presentations, and like will work well in the moment. But the commonly advertised 80/20 rule likely applies also to speech. In my own experience, you'll be rewarded if your audience can remember 2% of what you've said--even the topic itself--before they will remember all of it. That's why they need to remember three things:

  • Who you are.
  • What you do.
  • Why you're different. (or, your message)

That's where our podiums come in. Placing who you are, what you do, and why you're different on your podium allows your audience to experience your three most important facts for the duration of your speech. If nothing else, if they have not heard or understand a word that you have said, they will have seen your three most important facts. Whether it's making the sale, teaching their minds, or winning their hearts, you always want your most important facts to be the ones they remember: the ones they saw on your podium.  

Don't make a great first impression and neglect a lasting impression.

Two Prolecterns™ standing side by side, one unfolded and the other folded.The ProLectern™ - Our portable lectern.

A better paradigm for public speakers.

It's all one piece, solid when deployed, and completely foldable. Convenient and trusty, the patent-pending ProLectern™ fits in the trunk of your car or behind the office door. Weatherized for outdoor use. Equipped with cup holders, a cabinet, wire media ports, and carry handles.

Features & Benefits:

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Two ProPresenters™ side by side, one unfolded and the other folded.The ProPresenter™ - Our tabletop podium.

A better paradigm for public speakers.

The convenient speaker's tabletop podium fits in your briefcase or beside your desk. It's all one piece and completely foldable. Nearly instant setup and folding provides a smooth transition into impromptu speeches. Face your audience directly and keep your notes conveniently at hand to convey a professional experience!

Features & Benefits:

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Prolectern™ Carry Bag.ProLectern™ Carry Bag

Carry your ProLectern with or without a carry bag! 

Our lightweight carrying bags are a good fit for almost anyone to be a mobile speaker! Both lightweight and sturdy, you have the liberty to mobilize quickly into normal, everyday travel. Total carry weight is around 25lbs. The ProLectern™ Carry Bag is around 2 lbs.

Features & Benefits:

  • Can be folded, easly stored, etc.
  • Lightweight at 2lbs
  • Weatherized
  • Built to last
  • Velcro open & close
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Customize Your Lecterns & Podiums for Maximum Effectiveness

Custom design your props for maximum effectiveness.

Receive a streamlined public speaking kit. You will never leave home without it! Custom build your own kit or contact sales for a quick consultation. We deeply value your input as to what sorts of features you would appreciate in your ProProps™. If you have a suggestion for our engineering team, please contact us at feedback@portablepodium.com.

Sample portable lecterns.