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Lightweight Aluminum Structure

Podiums and Lecterns Now Customizable! Next Generation and Patent Pending.

Made from the same strong & lightweight hard aluminum used in the aerospace industry

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Most portable podiums are made of wood, pressboard, acrylic, plastic or glass. Not only are these materials bulky, but they can be quite heavy; in fact, one popular folding podium weighs a whopping 44 pounds. ProProducts™ metal podiums, on the other hand, are constructed of the same lightweight aluminum alloy that is used in the aerospace industry. Not only is this material light, but it is strong and durable. This means that ProProducts™ podiums are very sturdy in spite of the fact that the ProLectern™ weighs a mere 18 pounds and the ProPresenter™ metal lectern weighs less than nine.

Glass is heavy and breakable if dropped; acrylic is as heavy as glass; and pressboard is also heavy but susceptible to spills, wear, and aging features. Aluminum is light and durable. We use the same series of Aluminum alloys in our designs that you find in the Aerospace industry in order to give you the edge in portability through a light and durable structure. Pressboard material fades with time, warps from spills, and shows signs of aging with use. We chose the material used by the aerospace industry for high durability & strength, having a proportionately extremely low weight-to-strength ratio.

Our new portable metal lectern, the ProLectern™, weighs roughly a third of the average pressboard, acrylic, or glass podium, making it one of the lightest, fully featured lecterns in the world.

ProProducts™ Lightweight Design and Weight Are Specifically Optimized:
Optimum weights for podiums.Americans oftentimes associate lightweight with low quality. But the opposite is true in the case of portable items
. For anything portable, you want a sturdy, full featured item that has an appropriate weight for carry.

Do not make the mistake thinking that your perfect portable podium would weigh nothing. We kept the ProLectern™ at a reasonable 18lbs to maintain excellent stability. We have achieved an industry standard with our new metal lectern design. If you can carry some groceries (maybe two gallons of milk) out to your car, you can carry the ProLectern™.

Do you wrestle your current lectern or podium? That's over folks! Metal lecterns and podiums are the wave of the future. Our standup metal lectern (the ProLectern™) weighs less than 22lbs, and our tabletop metal podiums (the ProPresenter™) weigh less than 9lbs. We recommend you compare our product with others on the market. We know ours will win every time. We're so certain, we will give you a full 30 days to try our product. Any problems and you can return it for refund!


How you can reduce back strain with ProProducts™:

If you travel much for business or speaking engagements, you are probably well acquainted with back strain. Lugging around laptops, carry-on bags, and other necessary equipment like collapsible podiums or lecterns can place severe strain on your back. The large, awkward size and heavy weight of so-called “portable” foldable podiums are particular culprits for back pain and muscle strain when traveling. On the flipside, podiums that are veritable "skeletons" of real podiums are not the best speaking tools. People will oftentimes settle for these skeleton podiums instead of what has come to be expected for a professional presentation.  In addition, the difficult assembly of some podiums puts further strain on muscles that are forced into uncomfortable positions trying to set one up.

seal-gen-d-it-is-a-lightweight-podium.jpgProProducts™ portable metal lecterns and podiums offer a simple solution for teachers, businesspeople, speakers, authors, pastors, and anyone who needs to take a lectern on the road with them - a better, lighter-weight, smaller-folding travel metal lectern, perfect for giving lectures and presentations, talking to large or small groups, preaching, teaching, and more. This aluminum portable tabletop podium weighs about eight pounds, less than a tenth of what your average portable podium weighs. Some lecterns and podiums that claim to be mobile or portable weigh 34 pounds or more - not something you want to be dragging across an airport or up flights of stairs, or even to another room! However, the lightweight, sleek aluminum construction of the ProProducts™ portable metal podiums still offer the valuable features of heavier brands such as dual cup holders, paper/book stop, media ports, and storage shelf.

All ProProducts™ fold up flatter than anything else on the market, and our ProLectern™ includes built-in ambidextrous carrying handles, eliminating the muscle strain from carrying around a lectern that is large and awkward even when collapsed. When traveling, you can carry the ProPresenter™ in its own carry bag or stow it in a suitcase. It fits easily in any trunk, and you can set it up and take it down in seconds. It’s also all one piece - no multiple heavy pieces of podium to lug around, keep up with, and figure out how to put together. The light, durable, singular-piece construction of these collapsible metal podiums makes setup easy and fool-proof. When you’re not taking it on the road, hang the ProPresenter™ on the back of a classroom or office door, or stow it in a closet.


Ready to reduce back pain when traveling? Tired of battling 30-plus pounds of awkward lectern every time you travel to a new speaking engagement? Keep all the features you love of bigger, heavier lecterns and change to a back-friendly portable metal lectern. Try taking a lightweight, quickly assembled, easy-to-carry aluminum Portable Podium on your next trip. Your back will thank you!

Some podiums weigh over 120 pounds. This renders the average podium completely unusable to traveling & mobile salesmen, preachers, teachers, and many public speakers. Usually you are at the mercy of whatever is supplied to you at your speaking engagement, which may or may not meet your needs. You need a podium that is lightweight for carrying. That's why our design for metal podiums incorporates some of the strongest and lightest material in the world without compromising strength or durability.

Try carrying your average pressboard podium across campus or even across your own office! Do you already feel the sweat just thinking about it? Enter the ProLectern™, your solution to long distance public speaking.

Two Prolecterns™ standing side by side, one unfolded and the other folded.The ProLectern™ - Our portable lectern.

A better paradigm for public speakers.

It's all one piece, solid when deployed, and completely foldable. Convenient and trusty, the patent-pending ProLectern™ fits in the trunk of your car or behind the office door. Weatherized for outdoor use. Equipped with cup holders, a cabinet, wire media ports, and carry handles.

Features & Benefits:

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Two ProPresenters™ side by side, one unfolded and the other folded.The ProPresenter™ - Our tabletop podium.

A better paradigm for public speakers.

The convenient speaker's tabletop podium fits in your briefcase or beside your desk. It's all one piece and completely foldable. Nearly instant setup and folding provides a smooth transition into impromptu speeches. Face your audience directly and keep your notes conveniently at hand to convey a professional experience!

Features & Benefits:

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Prolectern™ Carry Bag.ProLectern™ Carry Bag

Carry your ProLectern with or without a carry bag! 

Our lightweight carrying bags are a good fit for almost anyone to be a mobile speaker! Both lightweight and sturdy, you have the liberty to mobilize quickly into normal, everyday travel. Total carry weight is around 25lbs. The ProLectern™ Carry Bag is around 2 lbs.

Features & Benefits:

  • Can be folded, easly stored, etc.
  • Lightweight at 2lbs
  • Weatherized
  • Built to last
  • Velcro open & close
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Customize Your Lecterns & Podiums for Maximum Effectiveness

Custom design your props for maximum effectiveness.

Receive a streamlined public speaking kit. You will never leave home without it! Custom build your own kit or contact sales for a quick consultation. We deeply value your input as to what sorts of features you would appreciate in your ProProps™. If you have a suggestion for our engineering team, please contact us at feedback@portablepodium.com.

Sample portable lecterns.